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Massage parlour in Prague where you can expect a happy ending? There are quite a few of those! 6 tips for when you choose to visit one

Massage parlour in Prague where you can expect a happy ending? There are quite a few of those! 6 tips for when you choose to visit one

The Czech capital is known for many things, though the abundance of massage parlours in Prague is rarely mentioned. And what’s talked about even less are the types of parlours offering a “happy ending”. But they’re surely there, and not in small numbers. If you’re brave enough to pay one a visit, then we may have a couple of tips for you before you go! We’ll gradually cover:

  •   Booking
  •   Escort service
  •   Hygiene
  •   Politeness
  •   The drinking and eating question
  •   Tipping

Massage parlours in Prague can be quite busy. Try booking in advance

There are salons of this kind where you can just walk in and hope that there will be someone to cater to you. But generally, it is better (and sometimes even required) to notify the staff of your arrival beforehand. You can make a booking by phone or by writing an email. Some parlours will have an online chat feature on their website, so it’s possible to make a booking in this way as well. Try to do so at least half an hour prior, so the staff has time to prepare everything for your arrival. But generally, the earlier you book, the better.

Most salons will run an escort service – if you don’t feel like making the journey yourself

There are many reasons for why one would prefer to be visited by the masseuse at one’s own place instead of making a direct visit. And a lot, if not most parlours, will cater to this segment of their clientele by offering an escort service. You can get massaged at your own home, in a hotel room or anywhere with enough privacy and a working shower and hygiene facilities. The parlours typically offer escort within the Prague city limits, with some willing to go even further than that.

Don’t forget about hygiene!

If you’re visiting the parlour directly, there will always be a shower that you’ll be asked to use before your rubdown starts. If everything is taking place at your own home / room, then there should also be a working shower – and you should use it! Few things will bug therapists as much as smelly, unwashed bodies of their clients. Don’t be that client! Also, keep in mind the importance of oral hygiene as well. Bad breath can be as off-putting as a smelly body – make sure to pay good attention to your oral hygiene as well. The “hairy body” question is always brought up as well – should you shave it off prior to your massage? You don’t have to, since the masseuses will be used to all types of client’s bodies, but it could make the procedure somewhat smoother and more pleasant for both of you – the choice is yours.

Be polite!

Don’t know how to? Check out this guide on being polite! But seriously, establishing a good rapport with your therapist is important – the quality of your massage may depend on it. Greet your therapist with a wide smile, engage in polite small talk without being too nosy and asking too personal questions. And most importantly – while getting the massage, even an erotic one, refrain from indecent proposals, silly seductive talk and asking for sexual favours – your therapy could be terminated in an instant…

Don’t drink alcohol or go in with a stuffed belly!

Neither will help – the alcohol may somehow relieve the initial nervousness, but also dull your senses so that you won’t be able to enjoy your massage. And coming in with a full stomach is bound to result in an unpleasant feeling as well. Don’t do either!


If you’ve enjoyed your time at any given parlour, make sure to leave a tip! Your therapist always gets just a small fraction of the actual massage price, so leaving a small amount for him/her is a welcome gesture!

These were our tips for you should you opt to try a sensual massage in Prague. Abide by them and you’ll have a great time!

To shave or not to shave before a massage – what’s your opinion on this? Would you prefer an escort or a direct visit to a parlour? And what’s your stance on tipping? Discuss in the comment section below!